Aug 2020

Read the Label Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) – Championing Bees

Q&A with Roger Poole (Chairman: Timber Industry Pesticide Working Group) Where did the idea of combining the messages of ‘read the label’ with the plight of bees come from? This SOP was inspired by a CropLife SA article in the 2nd 2019 edition of the Crop Circular entitled “Canola Insecticides and Bee Safety Alert”. The […]

Science and medical background. Laboratory glassware.

The Wonders and Beauty of Chemistry… And the BS – Part 1

In this four-part series, toxicologist and organic chemist dr. Gerhard Verdoorn takes us on a journey to illustrate some of the fundamentals of chemistry. In doing so, the widely misunderstood subject of what makes a product toxic as well as organic versus synthetic chemistry will be explained with the help of practical examples and within […]