Oct 2021

Mexico, Baja, Tijuana, Hidalgo Market, fruit on display

Food Loss and Food Waste – How Plant Biotech is Making a Difference

By Chantel Arendse (Lead: Plant Biotechnology) It is disturbing to know that each year one third of all the food produced globally is either lost or wasted. And this food waste is costing us more than just food. Not only is this an economic loss, but also a waste of all the resources that went […]

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Act No. 36 of 1947: Is it Still Relevant After 74 Years?

By Henk van der Westhuizen – CropLife SA ExCo Member (Philagro) On June 5th, 1948, the Department of Agriculture became the custodian of the “Fertilizers, Farm Feeds, Seeds and Remedies Act” that was published in Government Gazette number 3977. The Act was applicable from July 1st, 1948. The purpose of the Act was to regulate […]

Kostas Dimizas in a Small GEP lab in Acharnes, Greece.

Part 4: The Wonders and Beauty of Chemistry…And the BS

In this 4-part series, renowned toxicologist and organic chemist dr. Gerhard Verdoorn takes us on a journey to illustrate some of the fundamentals of chemistry. In doing so, the widely misunderstood subject of what makes a product toxic as well as organic versus synthetic chemistry will be explored and explained with the help of practical […]


The Crop Circular – Issue 11

In this issue of the Crop Circular, we cover topics such as whether Act No. 36 of 1947 is still relevant after 74 years, how plant biotech is making a difference in food loss and waste, as well as pesticide behaviour in soil, including adsorption, mobility and leachability. Click here to download a copy or here to read it […]