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The Threat of Unregistered Plant Protection Products

Dr Gerhard Verdoorn Operations and Stewardship Manager Humankind is slowly moving towards greener living which should be more compatible with the natural environment. Fossil fuels are being frowned upon, agricultural production by conventional methods is no longer the flavour of the month and pressure is mounting against “chemicals”, while very few people realise that the […]

Rows of Vineyards grow in this picturesque valley near Cape Town. This wine farm can be found south of the city in the Constantia valley situated at the foot of the Constantia mountain.

The Crop Circular – Issue 9

In this issue of the Crop Circular, we cover topics such as the role of biotech crops to address food security, the threat of unregistered plant protection products and the basics of managing fungicide resistance. Click here to download a copy or here to read it online. We would love to hear from you, so […]

The Crop Circular – Fourth Edition

CropLife South Africa has released the fourth issue of the Crop Circular.  In this issue, we cover topics such as MRLs, farm worker safety, how agrochemical labels are determined and innovations in agriculture. Click here to download the document or here to view it online. We would love to hear from you, so please forward any comments, suggestions or […]

Riglyne vir die oprigting en bestuur van plaagdoderstore op plase

Elke plaas in Suid-Afrika maak gebruik van plaagdoders, hetsy sintetiese, natuurlike, biologiese of selfs organiese plaagdoders. Sulke middels wat as landboumiddels in die Wet op Misstowwe, Veevoedsel, Landboumiddels en Veemiddels, 1947 (Wet Nr. 36 van 1947) bekend staan, is produkte wat ’n bepaalde gevaar vir mense en die omgewing mag inhou. Dit is egter moontlik […]

Regulatory Requirements for the Use of Drones for Aerial Application of Agricultural Remedies

Version 1, 7 March 2019 DISCLAIMER This position statement is based on CropLife SA’s interpretation of promulgated acts and regulations and is not a legal opinion.  CropLife SA, its members and staff shall not be held liable for any damages to any parties as a result of their actions of interpretation of  this position statement. […]