Container Management

In November 2020, the Department of Environment, Forestry & Fisheries created and published a new Act in the government gazette, namely the National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008 (Act No.59 of 2008) – Regulations Regarding Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Following from the umbrella act, the “Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme for Paper, Packaging and Some Single Use Products” was also published. The EPR for agricultural packaging was promulgated in March 2022, which means that each producer of this type of waste will have a responsibility to ensure that there is a scheme in place for collecting and recycling such items. The Act will be applicable to all stakeholders in the agricultural value chain, from supplier to farmer.

CropLife SA already has a well-structured empty container management system with collectors and recyclers that have been vetted and approved as reliable and ethical operators, which means the Association is already ahead of the curve in this regard. All CropLife SA approved service providers issue farmers with a Certificate of Adequate Disposal that export producers require for their Global.G.A.P. certification. More than 76% of empty containers are collected and recycled through the effective services of the 110+ CropLife SA approved collectors and recyclers.

To assist our members and their clients with complying, we have made a number of resources available. Please feel free to use these wherever applicable to ensure that all role-players are well informed of the requirements and are able to play their part in doing the right thing.


Triple Rinsing


Guidelines for Cleaning and Disposal