Croplife South Africa has Launched its New Agri-intel Website

Agri-Intel, arguably the most powerful tool currently available for users within the agrochemical industry to access registered crop protection product information, has launched its highly anticipated new website.

Many users are already aware of the enormous benefits that Agri-Intel offers, so it comes as no surprise that the newly launched website, with a much more user-friendly interface, has been very well received by producers, exporters, agro-chemical representatives and industry stakeholders alike.

Agri-Intel offers easy access to a comprehensive database of all chemical, biological and natural crop protection and public health products registered for use in South Africa including product labels, safety data sheets (SDS) and information on maximum residue limits (MRL) and withholding periods.  Users are able to search for product information by active ingredient, crop or uses, targets, registration holders, registration numbers, categories or trade names. Users are also able to compare the label information of these products.

“The data was edited into a different format for the new website and additional information was added. Great care was taken to ensure that the information was displayed correctly. Another new feature is that data can be edited, uploaded and displayed in real time. Users are encouraged to contact us should they have any queries” says Chana-Lee White, Agri-Intel Manager.

Of particular interest to exporters and growers is the ability to search MRL data for South Africa and a number of export destinations, pre-harvest intervals (PHI) as well as market preferences for some of the major European retailers. 

“Local and international regulatory authorities set MRL values for pesticide residues in or on food products, to ensure that consumers have access to safe and legal food which do not pose any health risks. MRL data therefore play a critical role in the fresh produce industry which greatly depends on the usage of pesticides to protect crops. It is important for growers, advisors and exporters to keep up to date with MRL and retailer requirements of local market and export destinations to ensure market access. If a pesticide residue exceeds the MRL, the fresh produce commodity will be withdrawn from the market which in turn could have negative implications on trade” says Luigia Steyn, MRL Consultant to CropLife South Africa. The new website offers a variety of new data columns, reporting filters, label colour bands, SDS as well as being faster and mobile-friendly, so users can view information while they are in the field.

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