Croplife South Africa Appoints New Members to its Management Team

CropLife South Africa has appointed new members to its management team in order to spearhead its 2021 vision.

CropLife South Africa, a non-profit Association representing the plant science industry, has appointed new members to its management team in order to spearhead its 2021 vision as defined by its Executive Council. The Association represents the majority of responsible manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of sustainable crop protection and public health solutions in the agricultural, public health and consumer sectors.

The team is steered by Chief Executive Officer, Rodney Bell, who is no stranger to the crop protection industry. Bell has served in commercial and technical roles with DuPont at regional and international level for 20 years and has an in-depth understanding of CropLife South Africa as he has previously been a member of the Executive Council himself. In addition to the existing administrative personnel, he is joined by newly appointed Dr Gerhard Verdoorn, operations and stewardship manager, Fikile Nzuza, government and regulatory liaison, Elriza Theron, marketing and communications manager as well as Agri-Intel manager, Chana-Lee White, who has been managing the coveted database full-time for the past four years.

The management team has been mandated to address four key strategic areas of operation, namely stewardship; government liaison, legislation and compliance; communication and brand building of the crop protection industry and education, training and skills development.

“CropLife South Africa strives to ensure sustainable food production, food security and public health peace of mind, while maintaining high levels of environmental compliance in support of its members, consumers and the wider society in general.  We champion the role of innovation introduction in our industry, whilst serving as the liaison between our members and the regulatory bodies of the country. We expect our members to adhere to the highest levels of product stewardship and the Association’s code of conduct in all their activities. I look forward to pursuing these goals with the new CropLife South Africa team, in conjunction with all members of the Association”, says Bell about this new undertaking. The team will ensure the execution of the Association’s new strategy in order to facilitate and guide the production of safe food and fibre to the people of South Africa in a responsible and sustainable manner.

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