Fall Armyworm Detected in the Clanwilliam District of the Western Cape

Fall Armyworm has been detected and positively identified in sweetcorn in Clanwilliam in the Western Cape. Large numbers of the moths have also been observed. All farmers growing cash crops need to scout for Fall Armyworm moths and for the egg parcels. Refer to the CropLife SA bulletin on managing Fall Armyworm (click to download) for detailed information. Maize crops, sweetcorn, wheat, barley, canola and vegetable crops are usually first in line for Fall Armyworm, while vineyards, stone fruit, pome fruit, citrus and pastures will be secondary targets. Farmers are advised to use the available pheromone traps for scouting and recording Fall Armyworm invasions into any crops. It is very important to control Fall Armyworm just after hatching as the adult larvae are tough characters to control. There are sufficient agricultural remedies registered to control the pest. Any suspicious larvae should be photographed and sent via WhatsApp to 082-446-8946 and 071-877-3204 for identification, upon which CropLife SA will report to the Department of Agriculture.

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