Position Statement: Social media posts regarding product registrations

CropLife South Africa is aware of the various unsubstantiated statements that have been made on social media platforms by an individual offering services to the South African agricultural industry stating, amongst others, that:

  • “data on pesticides are highly likely to have been invented”
  • “80-90% of pesticides approved for sal (sic) in SA is (sic) illegally approved for sal (sic) in SA”
  • “at the moment DAFF allows any con artist to submit research for approval”

CropLife SA is confident that:

  • when granting a registration approval, the office of the Registrar, Act 36 of 1947, has ensured that submitted registration dossiers meet the requirements of all published registration guidelines and requirements laid out in the Act, as well as having toxicological reviews conducted by the Department of Health
  • any plant protection product that has been registered by the Registrar, Act 36 of 1947, can be considered as having a legal registration allowing the product to be placed on the South African market
  • any unsubstantiated statements to the contrary are totally irresponsible and show a lack of understanding of the current laws, regulations and guidelines that regulate the placing of plant protection products on the South African market

Do not hesitate to contact CropLife SA on 087 980 5163 or info@sa-wine.co.za for more information.

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