The Correct Procedure for the Disposal of Empty Pesticide Containers

CropLife South Africa, in co-operation with plastic processors, implemented a system to gather and process empty plastic pesticide containers in a legal and responsible way.

All the details are available on in the Resources tab under the heading Waste Management:

  • List of CropLife SA approved plastic collectors and recyclers
  • Guidelines for cleansing and disposal of plastic containers
  • Warnings about plastic containers
  • Guidelines for plastic recyclers

If the pesticide container is empty, clean it as follows at the spray tank:

  • Fill the container with clean water up to a quarter of the container’s volume.
  • Shake the container for thirty seconds.
  • Pour the rinse water over into the spray tank.
  • Repeat the rinse process twice.
  • Cut the container in quarters and allow it to dry.

Dispose of the material in the following way:

  • Contact a CropLife SA approved plastic processor closest to you.
  • Arrange for the plastic to be dropped off with them, or for it to be collected from the farm.
  • Ensure that the plastic processor’s valid CropLife SA certificate of approval is shown to you.
  • Insist on a CropLife SA certificate of compliant destruction.

Do not under any circumstances do the following:

  • Bury or burn the containers.
  • Donate containers to anyone for reuse.
  • Use the containers for lick or drinking containers for animals.

Do your part and do the right thing.

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    • Jared Reece Pillay
    • 1st Jul 2019

    Good day, How does one go about being a CropLife SA approved plastic processor.

      • ElrizaTheron
      • 13th Aug 2019

      Good day Jared, kindly forward your details to

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